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An HVAC inspection involves a thorough test and review of a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. Our HVAC inspectors perform the inspection to find out how your heating and cooling equipment is performing. After the inspection, they provide you with a report of their findings and any recommendations for repairs. So, is an annual inspection necessary? What are the benefits and what does it entail? All furnace and HVAC system manufacturers in the USA recommend annual inspections and maintenance by qualified technicians. They also caution in their warranties that damage to the HVAC units due to improper maintenance is not covered. You should have your HVAC inspection performed annually to assess if the equipment is functioning properly and efficiently. The main benefit of the inspection is that it provides a heads up to the property owner that repairs may be needed to prevent further damage to the system.
An inspection entails a trained inspector thoroughly testing and reviewing your home’s HVAC systems, and that includes all heating and cooling equipment, and the indoor are quality systems. Our HVAC inspector will inspect the following items:
  1. Checking air filters and wiring
  2. Testing for correct airflow via home and units
  3. Inspecting the blower components for any debris
  4. Inspecting electrical components and connections
  5. Inspecting areas where equipment is located for safety and potential dangers
  6. Inspecting the current condition of the HVAC equipment
  7. Testing the system’s starting capabilities
  8. Inspecting the condenser and evaporator coils for air conditioners
  9. Testing for safety controls
  10. Inspecting the quality of installation
  11. Examining drip pan and condensate drains, including hoses, for blockages or leaks
  12. Examining heat exchangers, and burner and ignition assemblies
  13. Testing clearances and venting for blockages or leaks, including outside connections and terminations
  14. Inspecting the heat exchanger for corrosion or rust
  15. Checking the fresh air intake grills and louvers for any blockages
When the inspection process is complete, the technician provides you with a detailed report showing the status of your HVAC system along with all the elements examined and the findings.
Home Inspection Savage | Home Inspector 952-583-8608