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 Home Energy Audit:

Helps individual homeowners find out their residential consumption and energy flow. An audit is useful to determine areas of your home where there is energy loss and by identifying where power usage may be curbed to earn savings. The process involves conducting a walk-through or a visual inspection of your home, and utilizing testing equipment to identify problems and analyze energy flow. When using a professional home energy audit we use infrared cameras to determine temperature fluctuations such as an unusual hot or cold spot in the home, which could indicate issues with the heating or cooling system. A professional home energy audit can help to pinpoint these issues and develop immediate solutions by inspecting your home and specifically looking at windows, doors, and other areas, as well as heating and cooling systems. By addressing these issues, it could potentially result to energy savings of 10 – 20 percent per year, according to energy.gov. Non-efficient appliances, gadgets, and lighting are other potential areas of energy loss that may be identified through an energy audit. Energy auditor can also look at a home’s existing appliances or lighting fixtures to check for energy efficiency compliance and suggests upgrades that can help you with additional savings. Home Inspection Savage | Home Inspector 952-583-8608