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An attic inspection is important not only to check for proper insulation, but also to ensure that there aren’t other problems, like water damage or cracks. The inspector will look for multiple issues throughout the attic. They will inspect the following areas:

1. Vents

The inspector will inspect the attic space for vents. They will check to see that there are enough vents for the space and that air is able to flow easily. Proper airflow is incredibly important in an attic. They will inspect to see that no leaves or bird nests are blocking roof vents. This is common and can be avoided by cleaning vents regularly.

2. Pests

Speaking of bird nests, they’ll keep an eye out for rodents or pests. If they find evidence of pests, call a pest control company to find out how the critters entered the attic and to keep them out. Rodents can cause damage to exposed wires, duct work and insulation.

3. Damage

The areas around roof vents, skylights and chimneys are more susceptible to water leakage. The inspector will check these areas for moisture, mold or rotting sheathing. The inspector will look for damaged wood or leak sources. They will check the framing for any damage.

4. Insulation

The inspection will determine how much insulation is needed to make your home more energy efficient. Not having enough insulation results in heat loss and higher utility bills. Having an attic inspection performed regularly ensures that any issues are found before they become a major problem. Contact your local insulation contractor and set up an attic inspection today.

Home Inspection Savage | Home Inspector 952-583-8608